General Engineering | Aluminum Rod, Alloy 2021, 2014, 2017, 2024, 2219, 4026, 6033, 6061, 6040, 6064, K211


Kaiser Aluminum offers rod products specially tailored for the general engineering market. Rod can be created from the following alloy selections:
2011, 2014, 2017, 2024, 2219, 6033, 6040, 6061, 7050, 7068, 7075

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One of the most popular screw machine stock alloys available. Kaiser Aluminum’s Microchip II (T3 temper only) offers excellent machinability and surface finish. The chips from Kaiser Aluminum’s Microchip II (T3 temper only) are well known for being small in size. Typically used in connectors and fittings, brake pistons, computer parts, knobs and meter shafts.


One of the strongest heat treatable alloys for screw machine applications. Good machinability and high strength. Corrosion resistance is only fair; however, weldability is good with arc and resistance methods. In many applications this alloy can be substituted for 2024.


Good machinability and good mechanical properties. Used in rivets, general structural applications and transportation.


Good machinability and good mechanical properties. Typically used in aircraft structures, rivets, connectors, hydraulic valve bodies and miscellaneous structural applications.


Good machinability and good mechanical properties. Typically used in high temperature, structural applications. Also used in high strength elements.

6033 | 6033 Product Brochure

A higher strength version of alloy 6061 with improved machinability. Good corrosion resistance and anodize response.


Lead-free alternative to 6262. The alloy offers very good machinability along with good corrosion resistance. It also has excellent coating acceptance (anodize response). It can be used in place of 6062. Physical and mechanical properties are equivalent to 6262.


Magnesium/Silicon alloy is one of the most versatile of the Heat Treatable alloy group. Typically used in Structural and Transportation applications. Products include Extruded and Drawn Tube, Pipe, Rod, Bar and Profiles. Good corrosion resistance and good weldability.


Very high mechanical properties (tensile strength), high fracture toughness, along with a high resistance to exfoliation and stress corrosion cracking. Typically used in aircraft structural parts.

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Highest mechanical properties (tensile strength). Intended for aerospace, ordnance and light weight recreational applications where extremely high strength is required.


High mechanical properties and in the T73 or T76 temper, offers improved stress corrosion cracking resistance. Good machinability and typically used in aircraft structural parts.