Kaiser Aluminum is a leading producer of semi-fabricated specialty aluminum products, serving manufacturers, tier one suppliers and national service center customers worldwide providing highly-engineered solutions for demanding aerospace and high-strength, packaging, automotive, and general engineering applications. The Company’s North American facilities produce a broad range of value-added sheet, plate, extrusions, rod, bar, tube, forged stock and wire products.


Kaiser is committed to delivering value through a consistent and focused strategy, investing in the business for improved efficiency, enhanced product quality and capacity to support secular growth in our served markets. In addition, our dedication to developing solutions, a focus on continuous improvement, and an unwavering commitment to the highest level of customer service reflects a culture and environment that drives us to be Best In Class.


Kaiser Aluminum shares are listed on the Nasdaq Exchange under the symbol “KALU” and the Company’s stock is included in the Russell 2000® index and the S&P Small Cap 600® index.

Investment Considerations

Leading positions in strategic market segments

  • Demanding applications
  • Strong market presence
  • Competitive strength

Excellent earnings growth potential

  • Attractive, growing market segments
  • Significant strategic investments
  • Platform for additional organic/inorganic growth

Financial strength and flexibility

  • Disciplined management of liquidity and debt leverage
  • Business model with reduced exposure to metal price
  • Strong operating leverage and manufacturing efficiency


Going forward, we will continue to invest in initiatives for organic growth and asset integrity, and will seek complementary inorganic growth opportunities to create additional value for our shareholders. In addition, we will continue to prioritize returning cash to shareholders through quarterly dividends and disciplined share repurchases.

Keith A. Harvey President and Chief Executive Officer


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corporate governance

Our employees, officers, and directors are held accountable to high standards with a strong emphasis on the importance of integrity, character and culture as a foundation of sound corporate governance.

Kaiser Aluminum