Sustainability is an integral part of our corporate values, the end markets we serve and how we manage our business. We conduct our operations in a sound environmental manner and seek to continually improve our product quality and manufacturing efficiency through processes and capital investments to reduce our environmental impact and, in turn, reduce the environmental impact of our customers.


Our focus:

  • Promoting the inherent sustainability and recyclability of our aluminum mill products
  • Identifying opportunities where we can achieve energy cost savings and promoting the efficient use of energy and material resources to reduce our carbon footprint
  • Developing new products, processes and capabilities that increase customer efficiency including our KasierSelect® product offering
  • Expanding our engagement with the United Steel Workers, BlueGreen Alliance and other environmental groups; Washington State government offices; office holders and agencies; industry and business peers


Our initiatives:

  • Increasing the use of recycled scrap (including painted scrap at our Kalamazoo facility)
  • Pursuing increased use of closed loop or similar scrap programs
  • Participating in customer light weighting to achieve greater fuel efficiency
  • Implementing ISO 14001 environmental management systems across our plant locations
  • Continuing to invest to increase both process and energy efficiency
  • Actively engaging in the State of Washington’s Carbon Policy initiatives
  • Targeting reduction in our energy consumption by 3% per annum per equivalent pound produced compared to our 2005 baseline