A Legendary Industrialist and Social Advocate

Henry Kaiser founder of Kaiser Aluminum
Henry J. Kaiser

Legendary industrialist Henry J. Kaiser founded Kaiser Aluminum in 1946 with the lease and eventual purchase of three aluminum facilities from the United States Government. Over the ensuing decades, Kaiser Aluminum grew to become involved in virtually all aspects of the aluminum industry, including the mining and refining of bauxite into alumina, the production of primary aluminum from alumina, and the manufacture of fabricated and semi-fabricated aluminum products.

Following a recent restructuring, Kaiser Aluminum shed its non-strategic bauxite and alumina operations as well as most of its primary aluminum holdings. The company is now focused on developing the highest-quality fabricated aluminum products for major suppliers and manufacturers in the aerospace, general engineering, automotive and custom industrial markets.

Kaiser Newark Ohio Aluminum Redraw Rod FacilityClick to Enlarge

In keeping with Henry J. Kaiser’s legacy, Kaiser Aluminum continues to be a sustaining brand. We are committed to continuing our tradition of robust North American manufacturing through our world-renowned expertise in aluminum processes and fabrication. Thus, Kaiser Aluminum continues to be a recognized leader in metallurgy and innovative engineered solutions – now and into the future.